2 Powerful Sign To Know If Your Dua/Wazifa Is Accepted or Not

Hi Guys as salaam alaikum, today i will tel you 2 Powerful Sign To Know If Your Dua/Wazifa Is Accepted or Not? read this article carefully to know about your dua/wazifa is accepted or not. The image you have been trying hard to fulfill your wishes, but unfortunately, your luck is not helping you out. It can only work if you follow all the right rules and be very traditional while following them.

Well, in that case, you must focus on considering a good wazifa or dua, which will be listened to by Allah, and your desires will come true. Now obviously, if you are doing it for the first time, you are likely to wonder how to know whether dua/ wazifa is accepted or not, and be rest assured because you are at the right place. Dua, it needs to be taken.

Before you start with your wife, here are some things you need to perform. This includes:

  • Firstly you must be very positive about the whole dua. It is a direct communication you had with Allah. So it would help if you were very positive about it.
  • Make sure you wear fresh clothes and pray in an environment where you can talk to Allah
  • The surrounding where you should be praying must be silent and should have a good sunlight
  • You must think positively while praying because that is the only way it would work
  • It is very important to keep Allah’s name in your heart and always remember him
  • Thank him for being there with you, and make sure it’s not just before but also after the prayers.

Steps to follow the dua for all your wishes to come true

  • Make sure you do namaaz five times
  • Recite 500 times ‘Ya wadood.’
  • Make a wish and blow it on a cup of water
  • Drink it once you recite it and perform a verse from Surah 11 times
  • You will see the results soon.

How to know that dua is accepted?

Talking about the signs, the moment you have performed dua, you will start having a positive sense.

  • Recurring numbers: If there is any sign that you want to notice, then look for the recurring numbers. If they are in triples, such as 666 or 444, it is a sign that your dua is accepted. You can also consider it as a sign that the universe is working to help you meet your goals
  • Seeing dream of the great Prophet: This is the rarest kind of dream, but if you see it, it is a good sign and tells you that you soon shall be expecting good news. It is a very good dream and is considered lucky for those who see it.

Keep patience because sooner or later, all your wishes will come true. Allah would wait for the right time to make it work.

For all your wishes to come true, you must focus on finishing the above dua and following all the things that need to be followed before starting. Soon you shall see the positive change happening around you, and it would be the possible sign from Allah that would tell you if your dua has been accepted. Remember, Allah has always been there with you in your good and bad times, and if you want to make things work as you had wished for, then it will happen when God thinks it is the right time.